Here are some of the approaches we might use and what they entail:

Face to Face Therapy

Family Therapy

Working with family members, (including extended family members if this is thought to be helpful) to open up a space to allow for more open communication. Helping those in close relationships to understand each other better and support each other. Allowing different family members to explore difficult relationships in a safe space and opening up a space for more understanding between family members. Building on family strengths to make  helpful changes to enhance family life.

Rewind Technique

An approach used to deal with trauma. This innovative approach uses techniques such as guided visualisation and relaxation.

The benefit of this approach, in relation to working with trauma, lies in the fact that an individual does not have to fully disclose all the details of their traumatic experience, in order that it can be worked on.

Thus reducing the distress and anxiety an individual may experience, when engaging in more traditional forms of therapy.


Focuses on the way people think (cognition) and the way they act (behaviour). The idea behind CBT is that our thoughts, in respect of a given situation affect how we feel, both (emotionally and physically) and how we then behave in that situation. As individuals we don’t often realize that two people can give two very different meanings to the same event. Which in turn affects how they subsequently react.

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors can therefore interact and influence each other to create a vicious cycle.

We all have negative thoughts every now and then, but if we consistently apply negative meanings to events, then we are likely to experience problems with anxiety and/or depression. CBT therapy aims to help individuals challenge and change patterns of negative thinking. To reduce unpleasant thoughts/behaviours and move to a position of more positive helpful thinking.


Is a child & family therapy which enhances attachment, self-esteem and trust, It is based on natural patterns of healthy interaction and is personal, fun and engaging.
It focuses on essential qualities of the parent-child relationship: structure, nurture, engagement and challenge.
Sessions create an active, emotional connection between a child and their care giver and allow the child to see themselves as worthy and lovable and relationships as positive and rewarding.
Significant improvements are usually noted after 15-25 sessions.

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Other Ways To Access Therapy

We appreciate that due to pressures of modern life, attending a clinic, or home visits may not be feasible, for some individuals/families. So we are happy to discuss undertaking therapy through multi-media apps such as Face-time, Skype or telephone consultations.


Couples – Working with couples to open up a space for each individual to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe supportive non judgmental environment, space.


Corporate Organisations

Individual therapy from £110 per hour

Couples work: £130 per hour

Family Therapy: £130 per hour

We welcome enquiries from corporate organisations such as Local Authorities, in respect of packages of therapy. For example in respect of children in the Looked after system. In addition we would be happy to discuss other interventions, such as consultations to colleagues in the social care sector. As all of our therapists have significant experience in this area of work.

Insurance work, including court reports – prices available upon request.