Will my therapy be confidential?

Yes all therapists at Mind-space take confidentially very seriously and have a professional codes of conduct that give clients confidentiality a very high priority. We will therefore not disclose your information to a third party without your consent. (There are a few exceptions to the above rule). If during our work together we feel that there is a risk to yourself or others, or if there are child protection issues we are duty bound to advise the appropriate authorities. There are a few exceptions to this rule i.e. in relation to some historic abuse. We will of course explore this issue fully with you during our initial meeting.

How frequently will I need to attend?

Most clients find weekly or fortnightly sessions helpful. Especially during early work. This can be reduced to monthly as our work together comes to an end.

How long will I need therapy?

We always aim to help clients in the shortest possible time. Individual therapy duration can differ from client to client and family to family. The average length of therapy is 4-6 sessions. Some individuals/ families need more, some less. We review our work session to session to help this process.

What happens during my first session?

During your first session your therapist will aim to help you feel relaxed and will explore your goals (what you hope to change) for therapy. This initial introductory, getting to know you can last for several sessions if you are feeling particularly anxious, distressed.

How long does a session last?

Each therapy session is of 50 minutes duration. It is worth bearing in mind that for young children i.e under eight years or children with a learning disability a 50 minute session may prove difficult, in relation to attention span. In this case 30 minute sessions may prove more helpful. In these cases therapy fees will be reduced accordingly.

Do we undertake home visits?

Yes we are happy to offer home visits. However we will need to charge for travel costs and we find that in some cases therapy is more effective, less distracting out of the home environment.