A very warm welcome from Joanna Latham, Clinical Director of Mind Space – Services. We are a team of qualified experienced psychotherapists, CBT therapists and a clinical nurse specialist with significant experience in working with individuals/families dealing with, suffering the after effects of trauma (sometimes referred to as PTSD).

Joanna Qualifications

Systemic Psychotherapist
M.S.C (with merit)
Leeds University

Psychoanalytic/Baby Observation. M.A (With distinction).  Affiliated to the Tavistock Clinic.London


Trauma and PTSD

If you have been a witness to, or had a personal experience of an event that has affected your life, you may be suffering from trauma. When looking at trauma we are focussing upon an event or experiences that lay outside the usual experience of everyday life and can include any of the following:

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  • Bullying at school or work
  • Sexual abuse in childhood
  • Violence, domestic or criminal
  • R. T. A- Road traffic accident
  • Trauma from being in a conflict situation, such as a war zone or armed conflict
  • Victim or witness of crime
  • Emotional trauma following illness/medical intervention
  • Witness a horrific event
  • Relationship breakdown/divorce

These experiences may have left you with some or a combination of reactions, such as those listed below:

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  • Fear of repetition of the incident or traumatic event
  • Flashbacks
  • Disturbance to your sleep pattern, or recurring nightmares
  • Experiencing feelings of shame. Or feeling somehow to blame
  • Relationship difficulties, sexual problems
  • Increased dependence on alcohol, drugs or other substances used to numb feelings or block out intrusive thoughts
  • Changes in personality, becoming more reclusive or isolated
  • Experiencing feelings of being out of touch with reality, or feeling different than other people
  • Avoidance of people or places associated with the traumatic event
  • Obsessive behaviour – Such as excessive cleaning or other rituals that are impacting upon your daily life

Let us Help

If any of the above situations seem familiar to you, or you have experienced any other situation that has felt traumatizing and is impacting upon your life we are here to help.

Offering you a safe space to think with one of our team of qualified therapists. Who are both independent of the traumatic events you are experiencing and very experienced in helping individuals work through trauma.

With us you may find a safe emotional space through which to process the trauma and gain a different perspective on the distressing situation you have experienced.